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KHA - Seminar Outline

Part 1 - The Correspondence System

  • Holograms of the body, compatibility with TCM
  • Topography and correspondence hand - body
  • Quick pain treatment with minimal stimulation
  • Different methods and materials
  • Different approach Acute and Chronic, Excess and Deficiency
  • Easy useful treatments for children and women

Part 2 - Major lines and Organ points on the hand

  • Micro Dumai and Renmai - powerful treatments for many conditions
  • 3 zones, abdomen San Jiao in the hand - general functional treatment
  • Micro Front Mu and Back Shu points- harmonizing the organs
  • Basic Treatments for general conditions
  • The versatility of K9 (micro point for PC6)

Part 3 - the 12 Micro Meridians

  • Relationship to body meridians
  • Location and flow on the fingers
  • 5 element points and yuan source points
  • Elegant and quick ways of tonifying and dispersing the meridians
  • Often used and important acupoints
  • Combination of treatments

Part 4 - Yin Yang Pulse and 3 clinical constitutions

  • 3 clinical constitutions, tendencies for imbalance
  • Diagnosis and general balancing treatment
  • Yin Yang-pulse, background in Nei Jing
  • Balancing meridians and regulating the blood flow to the brain
  • The proper way to take the Yin Yang pulse
  • The Sudoku of finding the meridian to treat
  • Immediate biofeedback.

Part 5 Advanced treatments

  • Upper Lower Treatment using 2 meridians
  • Five phase Treatment with 4 needles for complicated conditions
  • Extraordinary Meridians in 3 Clinical Conditions
  • Constitutions according to Sasang and the use of KHA

Seminar Outline for TCM practitioners and student of TCM minimum 1 year :

  • Beginning class Part 1-3, usually 2 days
  • Part 4, 1-2 days
  • Possibility to compress part 1-4 in 2,5 - 3 days where some parts will be introduced and there will be less time to practice
  • Part 5 two days

Seminar Outline for health professionals with no education in TCM:

  • Beginning class Part 1-2, usually 2 days
  • For prt 3-5 it is required to have education in TCM with basic knowledge as; yinyang, wuxing (five phases), meridians and zang-fu organs

Education Aims

  • To have a personal experience of the effectiveness and usefulness of KHA
  • To have a general knowledge of all important parts of KHA
  • To have a hands on practical experience of all presented parts of KHA
  • To be able to quickly access and use Correspondence Therapy
  • To be able to use Major points and balance the organs through Front Mu points
  • To be able to use Micro Meridians with support of maps and text
  • To have an understanding of and a practical experience of 3 Clinical Constitutions and Yin Yang pulse
  • To see how KHA could be used to increase the treatment effectiveness in your practice/clinic
  • To be able to make new discoveries of how KHA could be used in your practice


The Institute now offers seminars in English.

Beginning 2008 we offer seimars for health professionals in Europe. Seminar Outline is shown to the left and


The transition of KHA into USA and Europe has led many doctors and TCM practitioners, as well as physiotherapists and other health practitioners, to not only discover the healing potential of KHA, but also to discover many new ways of integrating KHA in their practice.

Practitioners are discovering new fascinating ways to use KHA in combination with other therapeutic methods.This is welcomed and one way of supporting this development is for us to expand the base of people with knowledge in KHA.

A vision we have had for some time is a European Meeting with many practitioners and doctors coming together to share their discoveries of KHA. With more people in Europe practicing KHA this vision is getting closer to be realized.

Holger Wendt - seminar leader in English

Lic. Acup., teacher TCM and KHA, member of the Swedish Acupuncture Association (SAF)
Founder Nordic Inst. for Hand Acupuncture

Holger was born 1957
in Sweden and has 5 children with his wife Susanne. With educations in fine arts he periodically teaches Zen-drawing. During the 80's he had a leadership role in Sweden and Europe in a global socio-economic UN-based development project.

1995-1998 he studied TCM,
Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Acupuncture in Sweden and China, with continuous education for many teachers in Germany, Sweden and Korea resulting in the introduction of Korean Hand Acupuncture (KHA) in Sweden.

Since year 2000 Holger has led hundreds of seminars in TCM and KHA and related subjects for health professionals in Sweden, Norway and Germany.